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Some Recent Photos


Some fun pictures of me and my friends for you to peruse.

Ken & Norma Spring '05

Spring '05, Norma and Brigette in front of Carnival's Glory

Norma "loosing" on the slots :)

Norma and Brigette at Universal Studios, Fla

Ken's Viper, number 200 of 200 Silver Mamba (last of the Mambas, last of the Silver)

Ken's '68 Vette Fully restored (and modified :), low resolution pic

Our Ocean City palacial estate ,HA!
Vette and Viper, mortal enemies! (note: the Viper is faster, but not by too much)
Brigette at a local car "cruise-in". On the track at the SRT Track Experience....this car hauls azz!
Christmas party '06 At home XXXXXXXXXX, VA '06
My ugly mug in the side mirror at a "cruise"
Crashing the F-car party!