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HI! Thanks for visiting our developing Home Page.

If you are here, you prob know or remember me. I have not changed too much, pretty much the same 'ol guy, just older. When the sinking ship of the telecom was in play a few years back, I saw the writing on the wall and chose a safe haven, the Federal Government. They matched my private sector pay and I came on board with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in DC. I run the daily operations of the Electronic Filing Office. It is too complex to really break out what I do, but the bottom line is that I make sure that campaign finance data, filed electronically, makes it here to the commission, gets plugged to our web for the general public (you) and populates FEC databases for internal consumption and review. Blah blah. It is a great job. I am still a car guy, a little obsessed maybe. Our neighbors think we are nutz with 5 cars and 2 drivers. The latest besides my '68 conv Vette is a '05 Viper SRT-10 and a  '06 300C SRT-8, all complete hot-rods of course.

You might not know my lovely wife, Norma. She is from Mexicali, Mexico - a northern Baja state. Mexicali is the govt hub of Baja. Norma worked for the Mexican State  Govt for quite a long time before I "rescued"  :) her and brought her to our DC metropolitan area. She works in DC now (Human Resources) for an international bank that aids Latin American countries by providing funding for national projects (infrastructure, power, telecom, etc). Norma is a super gal, highly educated, fluent in English and Spanish ( + bit of Portuguese), a great Mom, devoted Catholic, and fantastic bargain shopper! She loves to travel and try new things.

Our one and only child, Brigette Nael, is simply the coolest kiddo around. She gets her looks from her Mom, and intelligence from me (kidding, REALLY). BNL or Princess, or Bebita, now Mouse,  as I usually call her turned 7 in May. She loves to sing and dance and play of course, loves roller coasters, pasta and chocolate, and her Grandma in Mexico.

We started out in Tysons Corner w/ a condo but quickly outgrew it and rent it out now. We bought a home in XXXXXXXXXXXXX on the river, and are quite happy there. It is as Springfield once was, a great planned community, with schools, mall, shopping, pools- everything nearby, even a COSCO. HA! We have a house in Ocean City which we retire to in summer (weekends & holidays mainly) and we have a large land lot in Baja Mexico we recently bought overlooking the Pacific Ocean, which is were we will be building a retirement home in the next 10 yrs or so, we plan to live there in the winter and here and in OC in the summers.

We are happy and well. drop us a line, we love to hear from friends!


Ken, Norma, and Brigette

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